Sarah Enid Moule is a self taught Artist, Designer, Painter, Illustrator, Gamer, and complete 80's nostalgia dork.

meet Sarah

My adventure to achieving 30 unique goals before I turn the big three ohh.
My husband and I are teaching ourselves photography and here's where we post our pics.

The short version.

My name's Sarah and I love art, design, comics, craft, movies and music.

I'm a kid from the 80's who watched alot of tv and movies growing up. I love riding my bike at night time, listening to horror audiobooks while working and drinking endless cups of tea to keep me focused during the day. I love working with people who have a sense of humour and passion for what they do.

The long version.

I love to paint, draw, design and illustrate. I design beautiful websites. I sometimes sing in the shower (its my secret dream to one day sing in a band), I'm a terrible dancer, I love to play video games until 2am, I laugh a lot and it's my firm belief that all the best ideas (games, movies, music, anything) came from the creative minds of the 80's. I love RPG's (not just WoW) and I play a mean game of TF2, infact I have been competitive online gaming for the last 7 years. Like the rest of the world... I'm dying for Diablo 3.

I always wanted to be a Palaeontologist when I was a kid (but I seriously sucked at Science.. damit!), and my favourite movie of all time, is The Goonies, GOONIES NEVER SAY DIE!

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my work


My passion is for webdesign above anything else I do. I really enjoy fitting all the puzzle pieces together and designing kickass, accessible websites.

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my work


Graphic Design is something I learned to love over a long period of time. It's something I admit to struggling with but I'm starting to really enjoy it!

I create stationary packages for new businesses which include:

  • > 4 logo designs
  • > 1 business card design
  • > stationary design
  • > email signature image
  • > basic style guide
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my work


I used to draw every day and once dreamt of becoming an illustrator... but then I discovered nintendo and kinda gave up on it for a while to become a massive teen-nerd. It's definitely something I'm still interested in and I have started practicing again.

I LOVE doing simplistic illustration and would die to work on a childrens book!

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my work


This is a new hobby of mine I have just started getting into. I have a Canon DSLR 500 and use Photoshop to edit my photos. I still have alot to learn about framing, lighting, focus... everything really, but so far I'm having a blast experimenting.

I go on PhotoAdventures with my homies on the weekends and take pics of long forgotten places.

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I am massively inlove with tattoo design and the art of tattooing itself. If money wasn't an object I'd travel the world collecting tattoos from my fav artists. Also if I couldn't make a living doing webdesign anymore, I would really like to learn how to tattoo!


Art Director
Senior Designer
Senior Creative Designer
Senior Designer

Self taught and proud of it!

I learned everything I know from the internet and reading comics.

I think designing is a skill people are not born with but one you have to work hard to be good at. I have been a designer for just over 8 years. I started from nothing but a basic understanding of Photoshop and an open mind to learning new things.

Some say I am over critical. I don't think I am, I just want to be proud of everything I put my name to, so I can protect my e-peen!



  • Multi Browser Compatibility
  • Front End Development
  • Coda
  • Design Team Leadership
  • Conflict resolution


  • Basic Photography
  • SC Tower Defence
  • Remembering lyrics to rap songs.


  • Web Design Graphic Design
  • HTML / CSS
  • Photoshop / Illustrator
  • Indesign
  • Dreamweaver
  • Character Design & Illustration
  • W3C Web Standards
  • Client Communication
  • Project & Client Management
  • Time Management & working to a deadline
  • Beatles RockBand (Drums)
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